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Light up your life with candles that last a lifetime

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"Everyone deserves to have ambient, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing homes, without sacrificing their health or costing the earth."

"Everglow candles are beautifully designed, long-lasting, and provide a captivating ambiance to any space."
Mia S.
"I'm delighted with the quality and performance of Everglow, they truly reimagined the candle experience."
Cassie W.

Frequently asked questions about Everglow

What are Everglow candles?

Everglow candles are a unique and reusable steel candle that never melts or burns down. It is designed to be a permanent addition to your home decor, providing enjoyment for years to come.

How does the Everglow candle work?

The Everglow candle is a refillable oil candle. Simply fill the candle with our Everglow candle oil, wait 15 minutes if it's your first use, light the wick, and enjoy clean-burning, smoke-free, and scent-free ambiance.

How long does an Everglow candle last?

Everglow candles will last for a lifetime and can burn for up to 150 hours on a single refill.

Can I use any type of oil with the candle?

We can only recommend using Everglow oil with our candles. It is specially formulated to provide the best performance and ensure a clean burn. Other oils, fuels, or alcohols may have a higher flash point, which could lead to dangerous conditions. In addition, other oils are likely have additives which could damage the candle.

Do you have scented oils

While we are continuously experimenting with different scents, we currently don't offer scented oils. Adding scented oils to your candles will likely damage them.